Tutti gli incontri si svolgeranno presso la sede della Dickens in Via Carriona, 41 a Carrara alle ore 17.30.

4th March 2018
Charles Dickens and Noam Chomsky on Education
Talk by Marzia Dati
Reading Chapter 5  Hard Times

18th March 2018 – rimandato a sabato 19 maggio
Charles Dickens and  Industrialization
The Industrial Revolution in Carrara (XIX Century)

Photo Exibition by Massimo Susini
Talk by Marzia Dati
Reading Chapter 5 Hard Times

22th April 2018
Charles Dickens and ecology: countryside vs industrialized cities
Talk by Marzia Dati
Reading Chapter 6 Hard Times

27th May 2018
Dickens’s route to Pisa: a walk along Via Friedland
(The old road connects Carrara with Massa. It was built by the Duchess Elisabetta Bonaparte in 1801, it is 8 miles long and it was the safest way to get Tuscan cities)
In collaboration with Accademia Albericiana

10th June 2018
Reading of Chapter 6 and 7 from Hard Times