Studi d’Arte Cave Michelangelo

Studi d’Arte Cave Michelangelo is an internationally-known studio, a place where ideas take shape under the guidance of the artist Luciano Massari with his team of collaborators. Artists from all over the world entrust their visions to the studio, which gives them concrete form thanks to a high level of specialisation which might be compared to the close editing of a written text.

The laboratory is a vital centre for the creation and propagation of contemporary art. It consists of an art production structure whereby continuity of tradition is combined with state-of-the-art techniques by means of evolving sculptural techniques and a ready availability of space and materials. Sculpture is practiced using both antique techniques and the most innovative technologies for the creation of classical and contemporary works, also in materials other than marble.

The laboratory guarantees high-quality planning and crafting of artefacts in the fields of sculpture, architecture, design and restoration (cleaning, consolidation, integration).

Studi d’Arte Cave Michelangelo works with internationally famous artists who, thanks to the skills of the staff, can closely monitor every stage of production. Creations have included the large statues for the Basilica of St. Peter’s in the Vatican; the environmental art works of Giuseppe Penone at the Royal Palace of Venaria in Turin; the productions for Sol LeWitt, Ilya and Emilia Kabakov, Sislej Xhafa, Luigi Mainolfi, Maurizio Cattelan, Jan Fabre, Adel Abdessemed, Vanessa Beecroft and Zhang Huan.

The company actively and concretely participates in local cultural initiatives, an investment which is aimed at strengthening the bond between Carrara and the international Contemporary Art circuits, and at protecting and developing excellence in artistic marble production. It produces artistic events and shows, transforming its usual work spaces into temporary exhibition and cultural areas. The atmospheric quarries and the laboratories have hosted exhibitions and installations. In 2009, Luciano Massari presented his environmental installation ALLALUNA in the quarry of Polvaccio; in 2010, the Chinese artist Cai Guo-Qiang again chose the quarry of Polvaccio to present a work in the 15th Carrara Sculpture Biennale; and in 2015, the sculptor Alberto Timossi created the environmental work “Illusione” there.

In 2010, the company was listed in The Whispered Directory of Craftsmanship, the guide to the best of Italian craftsmanship published by the Fendi fashion house. In the same year, Studi d’Arte Cave Michelangelo animated the Florens 2010 festival with a lifesize copy of Michelangelo’s David, which has become the Carrara company’s visiting card. The gigantic work travels continually from one continent to another as a special guest in art exhibitions and shows, the symbol of that Italian craftsmanship that is still the envy of the whole world.

Since 2015, Studi d’Arte Cave Michelangelo has organised the Premio Cave Michelangelo prize, which takes place in Florence and is assigned to figures from the art and culture worlds. In the first edition, the award was won by the artists Jan Fabre and Domenico Bianchi, the architect Marco Casamonti, the art historian Cristina Acidini, and Alba Donati (poetry prize). In 2016, the winners were: the art patron Giuliano Gori, the art historian Mina Gregori, the artist Mimmo Paladino, the architect Adolfo Natalini, the choreographer and performer Virgilio Sieni, and Paolo Iacuzzi (poetry prize). In the days before the award, spectacular art actions are also organised in the main squares of Florence, presenting the skills of the sculptors of the laboratory to the world.

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